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Seamless Belts

Seamless Belts
Seamless Belts
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Product Description

We supply Seamless Pasting Belts and that rightly suitable for Pasting machines in a Battery Industry. Below are few specific qualities of our Seamless Pasting Belts.  

 (a) It’s manufactured with a mix using cotton and synthetic fibres. Therefore the belt has the same strength in all its points. Our belts do not have a Breaking zone.

(b) Since the Belt is seamless in construction, it ensures very optimum water absorption all over the belt surface and is applicable for both Soft and Hard pastes.


(c) Our seamless pasting belts are designed for high temperature and hence when subjected to high

temperatures with remarkable stretching load, their dimensional stability remain intact throughout their service life. Their Length and width do not change even when subjected to demanding working conditions. Our belts carry out its performances without slipping on machine rolls.


(d) Our Pasting Belts are perfectly cylindrical and therefore it functions straight without any lateral movements.

(e) Our Pasting Belt circumferences have very uniform thickness and is smooth and hence you get a better pasting and improved material distribution on battery grids and are also protected against abrasion.

End Result : Our Belts which undergoes a specifically designed chemical treatment to

protect from abrasions, makes our belt life become alteast three to four times higher

than that of traditional spliced belts and can fit any existing model of pasting machine

as we have consistent variety of standard sizes available and can also make special

sizes custom based on demand.