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Formation Tank

Formation Tank
Formation Tank
Product Code : 07
Product Description

Formation Tank that we are offering is engineering for the formation of batteries, which are used in varied equipments and machinery to provide Alternative Current to their devices to perform hassle-free for longer period of time. This kind of equipment has very sturdy structure that ensure vibration free & smooth performance, and great impact resistance. It is engineered by expert technocrats & engineers using selected varied contact components & parts that guarantee longer functional life, low maintenance, sturdy construction and reliability. In addition to this, the Formation Tank comes in multiple models, designs and specifications to choose from.

The main Technical parameters :

  • Single row of water within the net size: 11500 (length) x 650 (width) x 380 (high)
  • Tank bracket: 304 stainless steel welded steel, the legs for the 40 x 40 square tube, solid and reliable structure, good corrosion resistance, the bottom of the bracket with adjustable support (+ 25mm), support material is 316L;
  • The cooling water tank is made of Ơ14mm PVC plate. Cooling tank at both ends of the closure plate free switch, closed tightly closed.
  • The tank at both ends set a retaining door, flip the hinge high strength, can be free to flip down, and equipped with stainless steel clamp fast open, easy to open and flexible, door sealing is good, no leakage after the door closed.
  • Both ends of the tank set overflow slot to ensure that the battery bit is always a constant height, plate height adjustable to meet the requirements of multi-standard battery.
  • The tank set a water supply pipe, material: UPVC;
  • Overflow pipe and drain pipe should be centralized through the pipeline from the end of the discharge. Connected with the embedded drainage pipe, into the water supply system pool.
  • Tank set a top suction cover, the material is high-quality PVC;
  • The tank is provided with two sides of the cover. Material : Transparent PVC, 4mm thick.

Roll in the tank :

  • Specifications : each tank is by the combination of two roller, the roller width of 300mm, each set of rolling roller 14, roller diameter: 51mm.
  • Material : roller with high quality corrosion-resistant PVC pipe production, beautiful appearance.
  • Roller bearings : corrosion-resistant wear-resistant bearings, long-term soaking with acid water, flexible operation, no stuck phenomenon. The battery in the implementation of the above, saving light.
  • Roller shaft : 316L stainless steel.
  • The use of trough roller roll plate, convenient battery into, into a slot to the upper and lower lines,