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AGM Seperator

AGM Seperator
AGM Seperator
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Product Description

AGM Seperator Plant

Today there is a rising demand from consumers and therefore the automobile producers expectations rising. As a result every Battery manufacturer is looking for advanced materials and increased performance stability to meet power delivery challenges. VRLA batteries with AGM separators offer increased safety, improved environmental performance, and greater cycling capability over traditional flooded lead acid batteries.


Shenma has a variety of AGM Grades uniquely designed for different VRLA Applications and manufacturing demands. Made with using Micro Glass fibres having diameter range between 0.4m 3mm by wet process, in general our AGM Separators has the following characteristics:

Absorbency : Because our AGM is highly porus ( 90-95%, @20kPa ) that can absorb more acid. Additionally it has small pore sizes to maintain electrolyte levels in the battery.

Durability: Because AGM is highly resistant to battery acid, oxidation and heat, and can maintain its shape and strength after prolonged exposure of severe environmental conditions.

Our Absorptive Glass-Mat (AGM) Separators used in Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries plays a critical role in the performance of batteries when compared to the traditional separator in a flooded lead acid system. Our Separators which is used between the battery’s plates prevents short circuits, and meets a number of requirements, such as permeability, porosity, mechanical strength, electrical resistance, and ionic conductivity. Our AGM separator also provides the force to the active material, which minimizes premature capacity loss. it also has the suitable strength characteristics for high-speed assembly, holding all the required sulphuric acid, and regulate the oxygen transfer from the positive to the negative plate. The free passages provided enable oxygen to be re-compounded into water on the cathodes so that no water refilling and maintenance are needed in use.

Our AGM separator plays a bigger role in the following areas :

  • Compression
  • Acid Availability
  • Wicking
  • Stratification
  • Cost of Battery Assembly
  • Life of Battery both cycling and performance characteristics

Technical Characteristics of our AGM separators are as follows :



Nominal Thickness

0.30 - 3.5 mm

Base Weight (g / m2 / mm)

> 140

Capillary Rise of Acid

> 75mm / 5 mm

Properties of our AGM Separators :

  • For VRLA Batteries
  • High Liquid Absorptive
  • Low Electric Resistance
  • High Chemical Purity
  • Characteristics